8. German RecyclingDesign Award 2018
Data publikacji: 13.02.2017 , Data ważności: 15.11.2017

Call For Participation - Registration has started
The Call For Participation has started on January, 17th. The registration for the German RecyclingDesignAward ends on 15th of November 2017. For forwarding a project please choose the „registration“ button on the left and follow the instructions.

The awarding ceremony and opening exhibition is January, 28th  2018 at Museum Marta, Herford.
Further presentations at other locations will follow.

The RecyclingdesignAward is an „open“ competition without a limit of age. All creatives and designers with professional or semi-professional education are invited to forward there objects or designs.

Aim of the Recycling Design Award Through the use of „discarded things“ - such as remnant material from industrie and manufactories, discarded materials„ rubbish“ - seemingly useless things should be made usable again. Bearing in mind the social criteria these products thereby developed should be sold also by job creating organizations  or similar institutions. The production of “clever”, “beautiful” and “useful” designed objects which awarded a prize conduces to the environment and is a contribution for employment promotion.

The Range of Required Developments
The aim is to discover and uncover the so-called „hidden meaning of things beeing thrown away or chucked away“ („der verborgene Sinn weggeworfender Dinge“). The seemingly useless and disposed-off things should be re-used to create new objects. The range of required developments stretches from decorative articles, furniture, clothes/textiles, to various other accessoiries.

The objects and articels must be designed and made out of garbage and/or residues from industry and manufactures for our everyday use or to be used for decoration and furnishing. Exclused are all returnable materials. For participants from Germany: those materials with the „green dot“ are exclused either („green dot“/“Grüner Punkt“ is a special german collection system for packing material of consumer goods).

Rating Criteria
These are the rating criterias for the RecyclingDesignAward:

  • Quality of lay out / form
  • utility value
  • environmental compatibility
  • novelty and future potential
  • Objects should also be manufactured within the job creation scheme or by workshops which are able to produce those objects in series of smaller or bigger quantities
  • practicability also for production by physical or psychological disabled persons, youth workshops or job creation initiatives